Passionate Senior Product Designer with love experience in developing creative concepts, design, digital branding and mobile solutions.

I have 14 years experience in User Experience and User Interface, including user research, information architecture and interaction design. In the last 8 years, I have been working exclusively in the mobile industry; moreover, I spent 5 years in Advertising agencies. For over 5 years, I have managed and lead teams of designers. I have always enjoyed working with multi-disciplinary teams, including stakeholders/owners, designers, analysts and developers. I used collaborative techniques and games to ideate and problem solve, to build consensus and create focus. I help companies align customer needs with business value.

Product & User research
I believe that every great product begins with a great story. Research helps us understand the story of people's lives, and this reveals the problems they have and key product opportunities.

Product Strategy
Once I understand people and their problems, I love the process of identifying what product solution will truly solve these problems and figuring out the phasing of the product features.

Experience Design
Looking at the experience as a whole is my strength. I love looking at it as a whole because great experiences extend beyond the screen. I am experienced in sketching, rapid wireframing, and prototyping.